We are committed in finding the most cost effective energy solution for our Partners and their customers.

At Channel Utilities, we understand that our Partners want to focus on the essentials,whilst saving you time and money, our team of experts are on hand to ensure not only do you receive the most competitive offering but also a solution that suits your customers.


  • Channel Utilities aims to provide a highly specialised and tailored service to our Partners and Customers. Whether you run a small business or have a half hourly meters, we will find the best available business electricity supplier for your unique needs.

  • If you are looking to reduce your business gas bill then comparing the market is one of the smartest and most effective ways to save. At Channel Utilities, we understand that getting the cheapest possible deal makes a significant difference to the bottom line.

  • The Opportunity to switch water Supplier in England and Wales is currently underway and From April 2017 the rest of the English market will be deregulated which will enable Channel Utilities to help more businesses across the UK to save more money on their water bills.

  • Channel Utilities offers you a solution to your waste disposal needs. We are one of the UK’s only specialist company offering Commercial waste collection services to our Channel partners and customers.

Channel Utilities will analyze your site data and costs for free and deliver you a clear and concise report, once have sorted the formalities of receiving a “Letter of Authority” from the customer and a copy of the latest bills.

We can then get to work and offer flexible energy solutions that enable us to significantly reduce our Channel Partners and customers energy costs with access to wholesale prices. With flexible contracts, the energy is purchased throughout the duration of the contract and that allows us to find your business much cheaper rates and are capped in a rising market to ensure that your business will never go over budget.